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Step Right Up

It's been a while since I've posted here on the blog. Life has been a bit of a "Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up! Take your seat on the Rollercoaster of Life and strap in for the ride" kind of time. For a change!

Let me tell you a bit of what I mean!

Last year ended with some challenging times. But this year catapulted me–us–straight back on a downward spiral to more hell. What I am about to share is personal, but you know what? If I don't share some of the details, it won't make any sense! My beautiful Mum had been rushed by ambulance to hospital several times over the past six months: a series of medical oversights and mishaps put Mum there.

But the mismanagement by a cardiologist put Mum into a life-and-death emergency requiring urgent, life-saving surgery! Each time Mum was rushed to hospital, I would take her to her follow-up appointments. There would be an adjustment of medication, an ECG, and nothing else. I requested some additional investigations. Twice. I was told no, not required. 

Two simple tests needed to have been done, and she would not have wound up where she did. 

I trusted the advice. I trusted the expertise.

And look at how that turned out!  I took her to a follow-up appointment on the Monday with the cardiologist, who said to come back in nine months, and she went into a life-and-death crisis the very next day.

A Choice

Here's the thing. As part of my fight for Mum's life, I had a choice. One day, I was about to give up and go along with whatever the hospital wanted to do. Until I had the epiphany. Where there is life, there is hope. This thought hit me like a freight train. I had been woken from my trauma daze and catapulted full steam into battle mode. I was galvanised into action. Suddenly, I began to question everything.

This one simple shift in my thinking led to an avalanche of queries and of not just accepting the status quo. It led me to research on many an occasion into the small hours of the morning, challenge the unchallenged attitude of 'it's just the way things are done,' and ask prickly questions. I had to get comfortable with being considered a nuisance, annoyance, and a royal pain in the behind.

And it took courage, too. I had to step outside my comfort zone and leave my people-pleasing ego at the door. If I felt uncomfortable knowing I had to ask a particular thing, then this was likely a cue that it needed asking. And that question would lead to more questions that sometimes led to insights hidden in plain sight.

A Simple Shift in Thinking

Here's what I learned: a simple shift in thinking was a catalyst for change, a change in beliefs, and breaking through into a different way of seeing things.

You have to wonder! How often do our limiting beliefs shackle us to a false perception of how things are, how they ought to be, and how they could possibly be? Limiting beliefs do not lead to breakthrough thinking or innovation, or problem-solving. Think of it this way. Would limiting beliefs have facilitated or hindered the development of the COVID vaccines?I am convinced that limiting beliefs would have hindered the R&D.

Okay, so I'm not here to discuss the merits or otherwise of vaccination–that's a loaded issue and a sandpit I'm not interested in playing in. But you can't help but be impressed by the galvanising of research and development to achieve such an extraordinary feat.

Limiting Beliefs 

What about you? Do you ever feel as though limiting beliefs have an influence in your life that you are not happy with? Maybe it's time for a Limiting Belief makeover! More on that in a bit.

One of the compelling reasons I wanted to share this with you is to invite you to think about questioning. I'm not advocating doing so insensitively or in a way that could cause you trouble. But the value in seeking a second, third or even fourth opinion, especially in medical care where somebody's health or life is on the line, cannot be underestimated. And it is SO worth going the extra distance to seek further guidance.

You see, I didn't. And we are living in the aftermath of that one simple, poor choice.I trusted. But this trust was dangerously misplaced.

Poor Decisions & Second Opinions

I lost my father to medical negligence. I spent five years buried in a legal battle to fight for justice for his wrongful death, but I had to walk away in the end. Because we could have lost everything. We'd already lost Dad. We couldn't also lose our house. So I had to stop. To draw a line in the sand and walk away. Too often, the law is about who has the deeper pockets. That's a story for another day, but the lesson is woven into this post today.

Poor decisions can have catastrophic outcomes. Being advocates for our own welfare and the welfare of the people we love and care for is essential. Essential. Asking questions is essential. Being a Devil's Advocate and stepping outside your comfort zone can make you uncomfortable, but it can save your life or the life of someone you love. 

And poor decisions often come hidden or buried in limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs lull us into a false sense of security. In a way, it's a kind of a mindset. There's nothing inherently wrong with limiting beliefs. But sometimes, it's worth recognising when they affect us and then stepping outside of them for a time. It's a lot like stepping outside of our comfort zone every now and again. Too much can tip us into an overload of catecholamines–those pesky stress hormones. But never going beyond our comfort zone is not healthy either.

If you've ever wondered how limiting belief might be holding you back, I have a mini worksheet that you might find helpful. It has a few questions to get you thinking about how limiting beliefs might influence your thinking. I'm including a link below, and it's free but only for a limited time.

Grab your copy here: Find Freedom Here!

I hope you are taking time to nurture yourself and make time for self-care. I also hope that this blog post gives you the courage to pursue it if you need a second opinion –especially if it's medical-related.

In courage, faith and boldness!


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