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Blessings for our New Year! 

What do you look forward to in the new year? For many of us, a new year brings new goals and resolutions and new beginnings.Because a new year is pretty special! This is the only time 2022 will ever happen. In history. Ever. Every year is unique. A one-off. If you think it for a moment, this is a bit of a mind-blowing concept. Time never stops. And it doesn't wait.


Making the Most of Time

This is why making the most of time is so important.

I will admit that I'm still a little blase with this concept from time to time. My cancer diagnosis was a wake-up call on the folly of taking time and life for granted. It was a massive reminder about the limited time we may have. We never really know how long we have or when our time is up.

Time is a precious gift and a privilege, just as our life is a gift and a privilege. It is too easy to lose sight of this and to squander what time we have.

A deeper understanding of the finiteness of time is a reminder to cherish our time, not to squander it, and to honour our lives by embracing the fullness of life, not getting needlessly stuck in the littleness. 


How might this look in our everyday lives?

We tap into this fullness when we give permission to ourselves for self-care, for taking a moment to speak with a loved one, for finding a way to pause or to breathe deeply as and when we need. Embracing the fullness of life is lingering for a moment longer as we behold a spectacular sunset, giving our beloved pets an extra snuggle, or saying no to an event or an invitation that you know full well does not serve us. It is found in the honouring of personal boundaries and in the right of refusal to that which depletes us. This allows us to become more fully present in our everyday life, and with that, a lightness emerges as we release the energy tied up in not being true to ourselves. 

I think this is part of why New Years Resolutions often fail. While we may mean well with what our intentions are supposed to bring about, actual change often lags. Suppose there is a disconnect between heart-centred aspirations, goals and lifestyle choices. In that case, this can make it more challenging to see our dreams materialise into real and lasting change.

Following on from the end-of-year reflections I touched on in December, the gift of a new year lies in the opportunity to take stock of the year we have just farewelled. Taking a moment to reflect on how close to or far away we may be from our heart's desires over the past year, we find clues for a vision of the new year that is more aligned with who we are. This contemplative reflection is fertile ground for sowing the seeds for a more heart-centred life in 2022.

Thankfully, taking small steps in the direction of where we want to be is the start of a journey toward creating the opportunity for growth, healing, and lasting change, even if that change is simply to stay more connected with our truth, with our heart.

I invite you to contemplate how a heart-centred vision for this year might look in your own life. What changes might you see? What things might you do more? What things can you let go of? What does heart-centred living look like to you? How might you nurture a deeper alignment between heart-centred desires and everyday life?

I'd love to hear about your hopes, dreams and visions for this year! Come say hi on Insta! Let me know your plans for you in 2022!


In the News

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5 Steps to Positive Change

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