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I'm an author, solopreneur, bushfire safety educator with the CFA and owner of a small video and photography company based on the edge of Victoria's beautiful Yarra Valley in south-eastern Australia. I hold post-grad qualifications in Grief and Bereavement Counselling and Intervention through the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement, post-grad Bushfire Planning and Management, and a Degree in Paramedicine, training as a paramedic. 



I am privileged to have spent time as a volunteer firefighter as well as teaching people how to prepare for, respond to and recover from bushfire. I'm passionate about emergency management, bushfire and emergency response, community resilience and animal welfare. Bushfire has wreaked such havoc across the landscape, affecting communities globally, precious and fragile ecosystems, waterways, domestic animals and vulnerable wildlife populations.

Any natural disasters wreak similar havoc. Our life here on our precious Earth is built on such a delicate balance. Yet, in the face of enormous trauma and upheaval, the human spirit has tenacity and resilience. How can anyone not be in awe? I am constantly in a state of awe!

Sadly, the landscape with its fragile ecosystems, the animals and our precious wildlife does not fair so well. As custodians of our Earth home, and as Guardians of the landscape that the wildlife depends on, there is much we can do to safeguard their survival.

Book Biz

My first book, After Life After You, explores spousal bereavement, loss and grief and was published in 2010. My second book, A Year of Medical Thinking, published in 2014, is about losing my precious IVF baby, my diagnosis of breast cancer, and my beloved dad's diagnosis of melanoma the week I finished treatment. This book is dedicated to Dad, who lost his battle with cancer barely a year after diagnosis. You can find out more about my books here:


My Books


Life Can Be Tough

That year was a pretty hard-core time, but that's the thing about life, right? It is hard-core! We get challenged and pushed and jump through hoops! We love, we lose people we love, we grieve, we celebrate, we fall down, and then we get back up again. Sometimes, during challenging times we find out about strengths and capacities we may not have even known we had!  


Lessons Learned

What I've learnt along the way is how we navigate our way through tough times can become our greatest ally in surviving those days we feel like we will break and we can't take another step. Finding the next best step is often the first step in nurturing inner resilience.

My passion is to help you nurture your inner resilience so that no matter what life throws at you, you can find your way through with grace and courage.  

Finding Safe Haven

Speaking of challenging days and finding our way through, Safe Haven: A Pocketbook of Peace and Well-being for Uncertain Times is my third book and is filled with tips and suggestions that can help you find ways to thrive during times of uncertainty. I was inspired to write Safe Haven during the global pandemic when our world was turned upside down. The wellness suggestions in my pocketbook are the perfect companion for anyone feeling overwhelmed, anxious or at a loss by life challenges.


Thriving In Times of Uncertainty

Let's face it. Sometimes the uncertainty of life can be downright unnerving. Safe Haven has easy to follow steps to help alleviate stress and shows you ways to restore calm.

I think of Safe Haven as a 'recipe book' for everyday life. If you feel overwhelmed and long to reduce stress, recalibrate and renew, there are simple things you can do that have a big impact on your life. Safe Haven shows you what to do.

Find out more about how Safe Haven can help you find peace and calm no matter how crazy the world is: 

Book Four 

On the topic of books, I am currently in the pre-publication process of my fourth book, exploring the trauma of perinatal loss and childlessness. Finally! Part After Life After You, part A Year of Medical Thinking, my new book is written for women who are grieving the loss of their babies–born and unborn. If you are experiencing the anguish of perinatal loss of involuntary childlessness, I see you. I hear you. You should never have to suffer in silence. My new book is written especially for you. I would love for you to join my waiting list to learn more about publication dates, pre-launch bonuses and ways I can help you in your journey toward peace.

For Baby Loss Grievers: I have included a link below to join my waitlist for book updates:

Baby Loss Grievers Book Waitlist 


If you are grieving the loss of your baby, you may find comfort in the sisterhood of other women who also grieve the loss of their babies. Find out more here:


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"Goodbye, baby. Precious, darling little baby. It was nice to have you near me, in my life, even if only for the briefest of times."


                                                    from A Year of Medical Thinking, 2014.

 “In the dance between the spaces in time and place, the spark of life is rekindled, and spirit can find in us, once more, a house to claim as home."

                                              from After Life, After You, 2010

"One of the things I love about video production and editing is the wonderful places I get to see as part of my job. While I don't fly drones myself, I get to work with some of Melbourne's best drone pilots. Its always a buzz! Here's a piece I worked on a couple of years back, showcasing some of the different environments we fly our drones in. Whilst use of drones is sometimes controversial, all of our drone work is CASA approved with full licensing, site specific permissions and rigorous Occupational Health & Safety compliance."