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Hey there! My name is Sasha. I’m an author writing under the pen name SK Reid, and the owner of a small video and photography business.

I'm passionate about helping people find purpose, meaning, and reclaim hope especially after experiencing loss, grief, trauma and other difficult life challenges. 


Uncertain Times

We live in uncertain times.

This is something almost everyone knows only too well now. When Covid hit the world, we were not prepared for the chaos that followed. We may live in the New Normal, but the life we once knew will never be the same.

This has created a sense of uncertainty and is a source of underlying stress, tension and anxiety - sometimes just below our conscious awareness.


Ready to Move Beyond Overwhelm?

If you're feeling burnt out, stressed, or anxious - especially since the pandemic - and you're looking to rekindle enthusiasm and hope, I can help you find ways to bring calm, comfort and joy into your life through my courses, books and specially designed products.

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My motto? One life! Make yours matter! After all, you only have this one, precious life!

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“The world around us may be uncertain and challenging,

yet peace is possible.

Hope lives here.”


Safe Haven





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“The space in our hearts that comes from being more compassionate towards our fellow sentient beings ultimately engenders in our collective soul a capacity for greater compassion towards other people. This would be the ironic gift awaiting a more compassionate world.”

A Year Of Medical Thinking