After Life After You

True Stories of Love, Grief & Hope

After Life After You starts with the death of the author's husband, Stu when he was only 33. The shock and grief S.K.Reid encountered was so devastating she did not think she would survive.

Survival was made possible by sharing in the experiences of others who had endured similar loss and devastation. An advocate of the power and therapeutic value in sharing our stories, S.K.Reid's first book is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

After Life After You is based on conversations and reflections with ten Australians - three men and seven women - who grapple with one of life’s darkest challenges: the death of one’s partner.

In three parts After Life After You explores love, loss, and the eventual awakening of new life after loss.

This book is written with the bereaved partner in mind, yet is also an invaluable resource for friends, family and support workers who wish to have a greater understanding of the anguish, heartache and life challenges facing the ones left behind.



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What People Say

"Our life partners provide the mirror in which we define ourselves. After Life After You is a compelling and confronting but ultimately inspiring exploration of what happens when that mirror breaks and we are left alone and bereaved.”

Dr Danielle Clode, Author, A Future in Flames.

"I'd encourage everyone to read this book if I could. I haven't often read books on this subject, but this is one of those books that approaches the subject openly, honestly, and with a brilliant message. I wish I could hug each of these people and offer them my thanks for having the courage to share their personal tragedies.

Extremely moving and definitely a keeper!"

Charlene Martel, The Literary Word.







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