A Year of Medical Thinking

The Pursuit of Courage, Strength and Hope 

 "I quickly swapped my 'Ms Innocent, the world is tough but basically okay' hat for the one of 'Breast Cancer Patient', madly trying to process everything that the doctor was saying." 



A Quest for Meaning & Purpose

An inauspicious encounter in a doctor's surgery during a routine follow-up for IVF initiates a descent into a labyrinth of questioning and uncertainty. From those first words ushered out of the doctor’s mouth starts a year where the mind is consumed by medical research, medical terms, hospital visits, medication and explanations. Filled with reflections on life, motherhood, friendship, and the future, A Year of Medical Thinking chronicles one woman's ordinary life as it is catapulted into a quest for meaning and purpose.


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Four Seasons

Structuring the narrative around each of the four seasons, S.K. Reid shares her personal experience in a way that speaks to all. Her book explores the shift in thinking that occurs after the diagnosis of potentially life-threatening disease; the loss of control, security and hope prompt philosophical and spiritual reflections on mortality, resilience and life. 

Guaranteed to strike a chord with those who have experienced the loss of a baby or any potentially life-threatening illness, readers are reminded of the importance of sharing stories, talking about grief and never losing hope in the face of adversity.


What People Say


"A very courageous book."

Paul Cox, Filmmaker, Author, Tales from the Cancer Ward.

"SK Reid’s A Year of Medical Thinking provides a beacon of light to those newly diagnosed with cancer or who face life-challenging situations. At times dark, this tale of one woman’s journey captures the emotional rollercoaster of a breast cancer diagnosis. Ultimately a tale of hope and courage that holds universal appeal, A Year of Medical Thinking speaks to all who may find their lives touched by cancer.”

Irene Hendel, Chair of Think Pink Foundation & Founder of The Living Centre.

"Opening ourselves up…  Becoming vulnerable by allowing others to see our insecurities and grief and heartache…  Well, in my humble opinion, that takes true courage.  And in A Year of Medical Thinking, Sasha does just that." 

Brandi Lytle, Founder, Not So Mommy.


A Year of Medical Thinking covers one year of a woman’s journey as she copes with life-challenging situations.

S.K. Reid introduces the reader to the intricacies of IVF treatment and shares her joy and excitement when falling pregnant. She also shares her deepest emotions from the disappointments of failing treatments to the grief of losing her baby.

Just at a point where she is trying to come to terms with this loss, she is diagnosed with breast cancer. She describes her own physical and emotional rollercoaster facing this potentially life-threatening illness, which is deemed to take away her deepest wish: to become a mother.

This book will appeal to anyone who has faced similar experiences in a personal, heartfelt account.

The book is divided into chapters named after the seasons of the year.

Seasons are often associated with distinct feelings and moods and the author has successfully brought that together to accentuate her life’s events. As the seasons' change, so does she as she is forced to face and reflect on the deeper meaning of life. The book shows that as one season rolls into the next, life goes on as well and the reader gets to share uplifting anecdotes as well as heartbreaking episodes. The book is written in a very compelling way. It is a story about self-discovery, courage, inner strength and resilience.”

Barbara Hasenoehrl, Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA).



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