Just when you think its safe to go back in the water

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18:00 PM

Shark Alert


Question - if you think of sharks, do you think of that iconic soundtrack from the movie Jaws? I do! Kinda scary - the soundtrack AND sharks.

But there's another kind of shark that you might also be familiar with. And it's the sharks on Shark Tank - the TV show that has a panel of sharks that listen to entrepreneurs pitch their great idea. And one shark in particular stands out to me! Naomi Simson is THAT shark!

It’s not everyday that an opportunity comes along to spend a little time with an Aussie icon! 

Global Influencer, Australian businesswoman and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Shark from Shark Tank, Founder of Red Balloon and author of Live What You Love and Ready To Soar, Naomi Simson has just launched her brand new Handpicked podcast!


Handpicked with Naomi Simson


In the meantime, here is a little something about Naomi’s Handpicked podcast-


"Handpicked with Naomi Simson is a short podcast delivered each Monday which is just like having a mentoring session with one of Australia's most successful entrepreneurs. In this podcast Naomi takes questions from business owners that might need help growing starting or saving their business.

Each guest is handpicked by Naomi as she shares stories, ideas and advice that might help them and anyone that has ever wanted to start a business.

Naomi Simson is an entrepreneur who founded RedBalloon in 2001. She has been blogging for a decade at NaomiSimson.com, is a professional speaker, author of Live What You Love & Ready To Soar, and a “Shark” on a business reality show Shark Tank Australia."


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get to talk about biz in what Naomi calls a “short-form mentoring session”.

And I can't wait to share more! Keep an ear and eye out for when this one goes live!


Naomi Simson's Handpicked








Ever wondered what your purpose is?


happy woman smiling


Yeah, me too from time to time! Sometimes it's because we feel a little like something is missing, sometimes because our old ways just don't seem to suit us anymore...either way, we have those questions that float around your head! This is why this quiz is fun! It kind of gives insight into the whys!

Curious? Why not give it a go? It takes all of a couple of minutes...and who knows? You might learn something about yourself you weren't aware of!



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