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The Year was 2010.

We were at a party and it was one of my first forays out into the real world after a really crappy year.

There was small talk and I was really struggling to find anything much to talk about, let alone anything in common with the guests.

When asked by one of the guests if I had children, there was one of those super awkward moments.

I wanted to tell her “No, I had cancer” but thought it better to spare her the awkward moment and the details. So I fumbled about in a stuttering half smile of not not knowing what to say.

When she learned we had four-legged kids instead, a wry smile wafted across her face, part condescension, part amusement, full throttle awkward silence.

I was crushed.

If only she knew the half of it.


And so began my Warrior Woman journey out of hell. 

She was born sometime that year, and she continually pushes me toward finding the strength to keep on keeping on when all you want to do is crawl under the bed covers and never come out.

She embodies not so much a strength but a hard won resilince carved from blood and tears.

She is an ally, a guide, a muse, a teacher and a really hard task master.

She hates excuses and wont put up with crap. I’m still learning this one.

And she is the drive behind my third book, a book which is in many respects a follow on from A Year of Medical Thinking.


I think anything worthwhile doesn’t come easily.

At least, not for me.

And I am looking forward to bringing her lessons into the light of day.

Its going to be really scary.

But thats what Warrior Woman courage is all about, right?



Have you ever experienced one of those awkward moments? Has adversity shaped who you are today?
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