The October Series - Lullaby

Posted By SK Reid  
21:00 PM

The October Series

October is a tough month for me - International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the month my beloved cousin took her life, and the month Dad died. Interesting that today is World Mental Health Awareness Day - because this month is trigger-laden for me: tears for no reason, incredible depression, feeling really really low. But I also know that its no surprise.

And so I'm sharing with you - not for a vote of sympathy (although compassion is always welcome) but rather to walk the difficult path in sharing difficult subject matter so as to raise awareness for some of these issues. Particularly the impact things like grief or health challenges can have on our mental health. Hopefully in writing about them, we can keep the conversation going.

I'm reposting the October Series from a few years back from Blogger, beginning with a lullaby for our little baby - Joshua would have turned 3 this October.





Hey little man

You were supposed to be here today

Today was going to be the day that we were to meet for the first time

We were going to welcome you into this world, out from the safety of darkness into the harsh light of day.


Your first breath

Your first day

Very first day



I was going to hold you for the first time.

The very first time

Look into your eyes

Take your tiny hand in mine

Soft touch of your skin on my face

Your hand in mine



We were to start our journey of some little life together

Our bundle of joy

Your hand in mine

Your tiny little hand in mine


Hey little man

You are held gently in all of our hearts

You are here in my heart

My heart holding yours

In mine

My heart bleeds


I will never look into your precious little eyes

But my eyes will see

For both of us

Rivers flowing wild, cool and free

Mountains reaching for the sky

Birds soaring high on a light summers breeze

Without you

By my side


And I will sing you a lullaby, little man

Mama will sing you a lullaby

Hush now

Sleep now


My little man

Sweet, sweet, little man

My sweet, dead little man.