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We all need a little support from time to time, whether this is through giving ourselves much-needed time out, connecting with loved ones and friends, indulging in hobbies and leisure time. In times of stress, our catecholamines - stress hormones - are often on overdrive. Over time, the effects of these stress hormones impact our health and wellbeing. Taking time out to de-stress and relax is an important part of self care and helps maintain our wellbeing. These Safe Haven Soul Care goodies are designed to help you de-stress, restore balance and improve your wellbeing. Create your own Safe Haven today!


Safe Haven 

A Handbook for Peace in Troubled Times

Safe Haven - A Handbook for Peace in Troubled Times brings much-needed comfort during uncertain times.

Part of the Safe Haven Soul Care Collection, Safe Haven has tips and guidance for creating inner peace, calm and wellbeing during troubled times, helping you create your own Safe Haven

This easy-to-follow e-book is filled with gentle guidance and easy-to-follow tips and suggestions designed to help you find inner peace and calm no matter what is happening in the world.

Safe Haven is a must-have companion to bring comfort and peace during uncertain times!




This beautiful e-book is FREE for a strictly limited time!

Create your very own Safe Haven today!










Did You Know


Did you know that chronic stress and tension can lead to poor health? We can literally feel as though we are drowning in stress.

Catecholamines or stress hormones are released into our bloodstream as part of our 'Flight or Fight' response, a survival mechanism that kicks-in when the body is under real or perceived threat. Over time, chronic stress and the 'stress response' leave our coping mechanisms drained. We become more susceptible to illness and burnout.




Find Your Calm


The effects of stress on our health is why taking active steps to release it can help keep you healthy and well. Or if you are feeling unwell, stress release using this guided meditation allows the body the chance to heal.


The Soothe Guided Meditation can help you manage stress better.

Soothe Meditation is a simple, guided relaxation designed to calm frazzled nerves, reduce stress and tension.  


All you need to get the benefits of this Guided Meditation is your favourite MP3 player, some headphones and 10 minutes of quiet time. Part 1 contains an introduction followed by the guided meditation. This track is best for first-time use. Part 2 takes you straight into the meditation. 

Click on the links below, and begin to soothe away tension today.







Soothe Meditation 2


Take some Time for You!


For a limited time, you can enjoy both of these guided meditations absolutely FREE!

In troubling times, we all need a little time out! In Safe Haven 'Soothe Meditation 2' we dive right into the meditation, without any introduction. Perfect for daily or weekly soul care!

The link below will take you to your copy of the Guided Meditation.