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I'm so thrilled to finally share with you my new book,  Safe Haven: A Pocketbook of Peace & Well-being for Uncertain Times. I wrote Safe Haven in response to the trauma of the pandemic, but also because I saw a need for people to find a sense of safety during times when life is challenging.

In my latest offering, I show my readers how to reclaim hope and tap into inner resilience. These past couple of years have been challenging. Still, there is a way to restore vitality and create a buffer, a Safe Haven, an inner sanctuary to find solace in no matter what is happening in the world.


Safe Haven: A Pocketbook of Peace & Wellbeing for Uncertain Times

Filled with tips, suggestions, and gentle guidance, this brand new pocketbook, Safe Haven: A Pocketbook of Peace & Well-being for Uncertain Times helps turn chaos into calm, soothe frazzled nerves, and reminds us that peace is always possible.

The pocketbook is available in softcover, EPUB or PDF.

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My Safe Haven Wellness Collection


I'm pleased to share with you the release of the first in the Safe Haven Wellness Collection, designed to complement the Safe Haven Pocketbook and to support you in your peace and well-being journey.



Soothe Meditation

I created Soothe Meditation to give you the opportunity to support your health in a simple, easy to do way. Taking time out to relax with my guided meditation is the perfect way to banish stress, soothe away tension, anxiety and infuse your senses with calm.

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